November 30

We have an oracle 7.3 database on solaris(sparc) 2.6.
In the midddle of the transactions, the following error message
ORA 1578 Data block corrupted(file #2, block#8274)
ORA-1110 Datafile 2:'/user1/oradb/rbstbl.dbf'
(this datafile corresponds to the rollback segment table space).
Action Taken:
1. Tried to make the rollback segments offline, but out of 11, 2
segments could not be taken offline. The status for these 2
was 'pending
2. Made the table space and datafile offline.
3. Created new rollback segments with new datafile and rollback
duly commenting the same in init.ora.
4. The status for these 2 rollback segments has now changed
to 'needs
recovery'. This status is preventing us from taking any further
We would like to drop the old table space.
We need you kind help in getting out of this loop!
We don't have any backup and the archivlog was not activated.
HELP is there any way to solve this problem?????
Thank for your help



Oracle XML Team wrote:
: Jerome Sigua (guest) wrote:
: : My company has version 7.3.4 and my group is thinking of
: : XML for some data transfers between us and our vendors. From
: : what I could see from this web site, it looks like we would
: need
: : to move to ver 8i in order to do so. Is there any way of
: : leveraging ver 7 to do XML? I'm sure we'll move up to ver 8
: : sometime in the future but I don't know if we will within our
: : timeline(next 3-4 months) for the next phase of the project
: I'm
: : working on.
: : TIA
: : Jerome Sigua
: As long as you have the appropriate JDBC 1.1 drivers for 7.3.4
: you should be able to use the XML SQL Utility to extract data
: XML.
: Oracle XML Team
: Oracle Technology Network
For JDBC drivers, please take a look at
Take a look at : Oracle 7 JDBC OCI and JDBC Thin Drivers
Oracle Technology Network

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