Rendering and Low System Memory issues in PE9.

November 30

Hello again.
N.B: I am an ex-PE3 user.
I am having a few issues with PE9.
1. My main issue is that I am regularly getting the 'low system memory; please proceed with caution' message. I have googled it and read people's suggestions, but am not sure where to go from here. I have tried saving my file under another name, but am already up to '....E' (fifth) version of the file I've been working on this afternoon. The total time of the project is only approx 45 min's, although I will say that this 'low system memory' issue seems to be worst today, as I'm adding more still photos.
2. One of the suggestions made by Steve G on one of the forums was to make sure projects are regularly rendered. When I hit 'Enter' to render, the little render window pops up for a split second and then disappears. And I would assume from the red line above my timeline that my file is not rendered.
3. When I switch to 'Sceneline' view, my horizontal scroll-bar across the bottom will only drag SO far (to a certain point in my project; but definitely not to the end of my project. It is really frustrating. I sometimes can fix it by flicking between Sceneline and Timeline, but I have to do this multiple times... and it seems a ridiculous way to do it.
It would be fantastic if someone could help me with these issues, please!
System details:
AMD processor 3.2 Ghz
4 gig RAM (3.12 gig usable)
Windows 7 Ultimate



Hi everyone:
Thankyou for all your suggestions.
Sorry, Bill, but both those links give me an error message. I was all set to read them, but they won’t work, unfortunately.
What is meant by ‘page file managed’, sorry? And do you mean ‘hard disk drives’ by HDD, or does it stand for something else in this context? I’m not sure what you mean by how do I have them allocated. Again, apologies for my ignorance. I do have only one HDD, but it is partitioned.
The image sizes all seem to have a depth of 24, but vary in dimensions – I can see that some are quite large (around 3 mg in size, with dimensions of 4288x2848, for example). Is the actual mg-size relevant, or only the physical length and width?
I have tried to look at the frame size of my project, but it seems to be greyed out. In pale digits, there is 720x576 written.
Just before I sent this, I thought of one other thing to try first.
I tried starting a ‘New Project’. I then inserted just 6 still photos, for experimentation purposes. I then hit ‘Enter’ and the Rendering window came up and appears to have rendered correctly. So I then tried looking at one of my other projects (that hadn’t previously been rendered) and tried to render it. In this case, as in for the project I am currently working hard on, the Rendering window flashes up for about ¼ of a second and then disappears.
What is going on???
From: Bill Hunt [email protected]
Sent: Friday, 11 March 2011 2:00 AM
To: rachel jewiss
Subject: Rendering and Low System Memory issues in PE9.
although I will say that this 'low system memory' issue seems to be worst today, as I'm adding more still photos.
What are the pixel x pixel dimensions of those still images?
What is the Frame Size of your Project?
How is your Page File Managed, and what is the size? This will give you some background and tips.
Also, tell us about your HDD's, and how you have them allocated.
For more discussion on Rendering, please see this
Good luck,

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