Relationship bet. SPfile and Rollback Segments

November 30

Hi there,
I'm wondering if there are any relationship between the above two. Since I changed SPfile and i don't remember what, the rollback segments status are changed to OFFLINE and i created a new rollback segment name (RB1) and i have to manually change the status to ONLINE everytime i restart the database. I have other segment names such as SYSSMU1$-30$ are OFFLINE. On my test db things are normal as i 1-10 is ONLINE and 10-20 is OFFLINE. Any help is appreciated.



The * means 'all instances' - allowing the same SPFILE to configure all instances in a RAC.
You might want to create a pfile and see the contents directly - from sqlplus (as sys or DBA) 'CREATE PFILE FROM SPFILE;'
You can edi the resulting pfile, restart the instance using 'STARTUP PFILE=?/dbs/initorcl.ora' (? is the SQLPlus symbol for ORACLE_HOME, so I'm assuming you have the pfile there.), 'CREATE SPFILE FROM PFILE;' and start up normally.
Especially since you are at 10g, I would encourage you to evaluate using the UNDO capability instead of the ROLLBACK - UNDO is simply system managed rollback instead of dba managed rollback - as there are a number of important new capabilities available with UNDO.

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