Recently when I attempt to save a Pages document it won't allow me the option.  The SAVE button is not bolded as an option to click on.  Any ideas how to fix this?

October 11

Recently I have not been able to save Pages notes/documents that I have created.  I have never had this problem before.  When I attempt to SAVE, the button isn't bolded so I don't have the option to save.  Any ideas on how to fix it?



Hi Peter,  I appreciate any ideas you might have.  I tried Apple support and I ended up at some 'unavailable' voicemail!?!!
I am using Pages '09.
It's not being auto saved.
I typically save to both pages and document files but I can't save anything.  When I go to close it and it asks me if I want to save, the save window comes up but the SAVE button isn't bolded as an option.  I have tried Command C but of course it brings me back to the same window.  This only began happening a few days ago. I use Pages a lot.

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