Read "Qualified Range Key Generation" with Java API.

November 30

Hi guru,
I use MDM 5.5 SP6.
In MDM Console I read Qualified Range Key Generation it in "ADMIN -> Remote Systems -> Qualified Range".
I have to get "Qualified Range Key Generation" with Java API.
It's possible?



Hi Rocco,
I am also thinkingĀ  of same scenario.I thought it is possible in Java Apis by calling the webservices for MDM.there is a service of "get key mapping" where we can pass this "Qualified key range" asĀ  parameter.In MDM we have to define a look up table for that key ranges .We will access that table through JAVA API and then link it with the key mapping service .
If u find any solution to apply this ,please share.
thanks and regards

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