Quicktime Player Ver 7.1.6 buffer overrun error during update

October 11

Using XP pro and Quicktime player open, I try to update existing software... under the help tab. All I get is a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Box with Buffer overrun detected!
The next line has Program: C:\program files\Quicktimeplayer.exe the it tells me the programs internal state is corrupted. Then the whole progame shuts down.
Next I try to use the update tab in Quicktime preferences and I get A rundllBox with An exception occurred trying to run "shell32.dll,control+rundll "c:\program files\Quicktime\qtsystem\quicktime.cpl" After I click on ok the box goes away and the program still works.
If i click on the Apple Software Update shortcut the progam updates with no problem.
Movies seen to work fine and the program seems to be ok except for the problem above.
Need help!



That's my excact problem, only I don't have the pro version.

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