Quick Time & iTune cannot be opened

November 30

I have problems opening the applications Quick Time and iTune. After double clicking Quick Time, nothing happens. But for iTune, the window returns an error message saying that iTune has encountered a problem.
I am not sure if this has to do with the recent upgrade to Window mediaplayer 11. I tried both installing Quick TIme and iTune again, and rolled back the system to three weeks before, none of these work.
i have also check other dicussions for a simillar problem but none have a solotion which works.
can anyone help fix this problem?



An exception occurred while trying to run RUNDLL
"C:\WINDOWS\System32\shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL, "C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTSystem\QuickTime.cpl", QuickTime"
That's good. (Granted, it's one of those slightly odd senses of the term "good".) Your other symptoms were consistent with another application (like a Codec Pack) installing "QuickTime" componentry on a PC that wasn't working well with your current version of iTunes. But in those cases, the Control Panel error messages indicate that QuickTime.cpl (the Control panel file) is in the wrong place (in the Windows\System32\ directory). Your message indicates that your QuickTime.cpl is in the right place. So we don't have to worry about one set of complications anymore.
Treatment ... In the cases where QuickTime is throwing a "fatal error" message on an uninstall (and there's no additional complications with Codec Packs and whatnot), what can often get us past it is carefully scraping out both your existing iTunes and QuickTime, and then doing a "Staged" reinstall of the two packages.
These instructions will include instructions for getting past the "fatal error" message when you try to uninstall QuickTime.
Preliminaries phase
Download and save a fresh copy of the latest itunes installer to your desktop. (Don't run the install just yet.)
Latest iTunes Installer
Download and save a fresh copy of the latest standalone QuickTime installer to your desktop. (Don't run the install just yet.)
Latest Quicktime Installers … get the one that doesn’t mention iTunes
Download and install the Windows Installer CleanUp utility. (We will be using that utility during the "uninstall phase" of proceedings.)
Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility
Uninstall phase
Switch off antivirus and antispyware applications prior to the uninstalls.
Go to your Add/Remove Programs and attempt to uninstall iTunes and QuickTime.
If Add/Remove programs won't let you remove one of the applications (like your QuickTime), run the Windows Installer CleanUp utility and use it to remove the installation configuration information for the application.
Even if Add/Remove lets you remove an application, Run Windows Installer CleanUp anyway after the uninstall, to check to see if there's any leftover installation configuration information for that package still lurking on the PC. If you find an entry for that application in CleanUp, use CleanUp to remove the installation configuration information.
Now use the following document as a guide to a manual removal of any leftover iTunes and/or QuickTime program files:
Removing iTunes and QuickTime for Windows
Now reboot the PC.
Reinstall phase
Switch off antivirus and antispyware applications prior to the reinstalls.
Install QuickTime by doubleclicking the QuickTimeInstaller.exe (installer) file on your desktop. After the install, reboot the PC.
Install iTunes by doubleclicking the iTunesSetup.exe (installer) file on your desktop. After the install, reboot your PC.
Now try launching iTunes again. does it open correctly this time?

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