Qosmio X300 - Crashes while playing Call of Duty

November 30

I bought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 couple days ago and when I play the game for like 30-60 min, my screen turns black, and my sound freezes; starting to sound like a chainsaw.
I've downloaded the latest graphic driver, but it didnt help. Anyone have a clue of what I can do?
I run a Qosmio X300 32bit Vista Intel Core 2 Duo Cpu T9600 @ 2,80 GHZ, 4GB RAM the game runs fine, but its starting to get annoying to turn off and on my computer every half an our to play the game.
Any help would be appreticated.
Regards Blood$urge ;)



Could you please update me on this issue (X300-15G)? I have same issue here.
Nvidia crashed Nwn2 with the supported out of date driver, so updated to a newer version 195.62, but the gpu went above 100C and laptop auto switched off to prevent damage.
So then I used a large fan in my room directed on the laptop, I had to wear sweater as to not to catch flu, not joking, but this way the game never crashed (tested through about 24 hours including 8-hour non-stop) and laptop never switched off. I dont want to do this though. and I know that unsuported drivers are to be used on one's own risk, but I thought I bought a gaming computer, so you see I need to do something to play...
Older driver crashed nwn2, crashed civ4 if I set antialias, showed texture artifacts in homm4 etc, so you see supported driver is useless for playing - at least older - games on win7 x64. It is extremely out of date.
I will try a full recovery from scratch someday (actually I donot think it will fix anything regarding mentioned games), but until then please inform me if there is a better fix.
Btw, In my oppininon it is not fair from toshiba that it does not release up-to-date nvidia drivers for X300 series, since supposedly this is a gaming laptop.

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