Punkbuster issues(Call of Duty 2)

October 11

I had no problems with Punkbuster with (Call of Duty 2) Multi-player with 10.4 on my old G5 imac it played great. I just wanted to upgrade and maybe play some window based games also! My firewall is open and am using the latest Punkbuster available but get kicked with (Server Disconnected) message. Is it possible to Partition my machine to run Leopard/Tiger/Windows XP, I have 1GB memory? I purchased this machine to have the best of two worlds, is it possible? Thanks for any input or advice! The crowd I game with say to just get a PC but I have owned nothing but Apple, I'm getting close to 50 and set in my ways:)



I have had this problem in both 10.4 / 10.5 and WINDOWS XP in the past. When this happens I trash all PB files and then download the most current version for the OS that applies.
This has corrected it for me every time. Just my opinion, but I think PB gets confused if there are too many "old" files in the folder.
Hope this helps.
EDIT: I am referencing CoD2
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