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November 30

I am trying to decide what computer to buy so that I can use Creative Cloud, in particular, Premiere Pro.  Looking at the requirements, the processor is specified as "Intel Core2 Duo or AMD Phenom II processor with 64-bit support".  Well Intel is beyond the Core2 Duo.  I'm wondering what the actually processor requirement is. I just can't believe that it is as specific as this, especially since I haven't seen any new computers out there with these processors.
Could someone please update the system requirements so that I buy the correct software.  I have been putting this off because of this.



The problem is the Adobe video apps (or DVA's) use hardware in very specific ways. You're not just going to go and find an off-the-shelf model that really works well unless you go to some of the high-end Dell or other rigs designed for video editing. Unless you or someone that builds/maintains systems for you knows the stuff to be able to tell which model is a good start but then tacks on the right alternate gear. How much hardware do you need ... and what's your budget? These are all questions none of us other users can tell you.
Those last two short paragraphs of my previous post really do give the info that you, your computer savvy friend, or the dude at the shop or over-the-phone will need to probably get you something decent. I'll just note ... many gamers think just get a good gaming machine, they can really make video fly, right? Um ... maybe. A lot of the better gamer rigs use AMD video cards ... but the Adobe apps are still more comfortable in the nVidia video cards. They're much better about working with AMD cards, but it's often easier to get them working well with nVidia. And the disc read/write in/out problems for video post-production are vastly greater than anything a gamer will encounter, so a lot of gaming machines are not really designed to run a ton of hard-drives.
So, again ... 6 or more cores to the CPU. At least 16Gb RAM, more if possible, but DON'T load up on RAM and skimp on say a motherboard without a lot of disc connections on the motherboard (mobo). A mobo with connections for at least 6 SATA II/III or Thunderbolt hard-drive connections is wise. For external ports, in order of desirability ... Thunderbolt, sSATA II, or USB3, as USB3 is vastly lower sustained throughput (data in/out) than the other two. An nVidia video card with at least 2048MB (2gigabytes) of video RAM, and 1500 or more "CUDA" cores.
For drives ... if possible, 256GB or larger SSD for your system drive (operating system & programs, the "C" drive). Another SSD of 256Gb or bigger for cache files is good. Past that, adding 2 terrabyte or better 7200 rpm drives to fill the machine and your budget.
If you've got four internal drives past the system & cache drives, if someone could set up a 4-drive RAID 0 or RAID 5 "array" for you that would be excellent. Or an external pre-built hardware RAID array over a Thunderbolt connection could work very well.
Use this data to go through specs on machines you'd consider, or to hand to someone you enlist to get a machine chosen/modified for you. I know the "parts" stuff, but wouldn't know much more than you about how it all goes together. I've got a business partner who's a wiz at this ... I give him specs like above, he goes to Newegg for putting together a prospective machine and gives me the cost figures, then orders the parts & builds me a machine.
I'm assuming you'll either look for pre-built computers with the specs given, or have someone do what my builder does. And I wish it was simpler. Perhaps on the Hardware Forum someone would know of a currently available reasonably priced model from a decent computer company that you could just order. You'd have to ask over there.

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