Problems with tv not showing up with 5900xt

October 11

Alright i have a msi 5900xt and up until recently, i could use the video out to watch dvd's on my tv.  I only use the reference drivers from nvidia and have tried the 53.03, 56.62, and the 56.72.  It used to work perfectly with the 53.03's and now i get nothing.  My tv isn't showing up at all and i have checked all cables for proper insertion and they are all fine.  I am confused on this one and have run out of possible fixes.  please help if you can.



I tried that and now i have the option to output to a tv, it just isn't showing up on the tv.  I have an s-video cable running into the video 2 on my tv from my vid card.  So here is what i do, to no avail, I turn the tv to vid 2 and then change my output device to the tv.  The monitor goes blank but the tv stays blank too.  then after it switches back to the monitor again, i can see what i am doing, just not on the tv.

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