Problem with data not displaying in website

October 11

Hello All,
   I am having a problem with one of our applications. It is written in ColdFusion and uses SQL server. The problem that we are having is when we use the URL Http:// (that is not actually the site name)  we cannot see all the data that it is suppose to pull in. I get an error on page and when I select to view the error this is what I get
Message: 'WddxRecordset' is undefined Line: 184 Char: 2 Code: 0 URI: and Message: 'jsusersTLV' is undefined Line: 3208 Char: 6 Code: 0 URI:
If I put the IP address in the URL for example all of the data is displayed as it should.
Any thoughts or sugguestios on how to correct this?



Yes, the user_maintenance.cfm is one of the forms that the data is not displaying on. There are multiple forms in the application and that just happens to be one of them. the login.cfm is just the login screen. Once you select your name and enter your password to the application then you can select the user maintenance form. If you select someones name the application should pull in all of that persons information. That is the problem, it is not pulling in any information on the user. We get a blank screen where data should be. When we use the IP address in the URL and select someones name in the user manintenance form, it pulls in all the data from that user as it should.

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