Problem with a Scott Kelby action.  Help!

October 11

In Scott Kelby's "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers" he describes a process to automate sharpening in Photoshop, (chapter 5, page 218).  It involves creating an "Action" in Photoshop that can automatically sharpen a folder of photos without any intervention on the user's part that can be automatically run from Lightroom.  I'm running on a MacBook Pro, OS 10.4.11, Lightroom 2.3, Photoshop CS2.
The problem is that the action hangs when saving a photo.  When the action reaches the step to save a photo, a "JPEG Options" box opens up and waits for you to click on the "OK" button.  This hardly makes the action automatic.  I notice that this only happens to photos that have not been opened in Photoshop previously, (which is always in my case).
Here are the Photoshop steps described by Scott (minus any superfluous stuff):
Step 1: Open a photo.
Step 2: Go to the Window menu and choose Actions.  Click on the Create New Action icon at the bottom of the palette.  In the New Action dialog box name your action and click on the Record button.
Step 3: Go under the Filter menu, under Sharpen, and choose Unsharp Mask.  When the Unsharp Mask dialog appears enter 120% for Amount, 1.0 for Radius, and 3 for Threshold, then click on OK.
Step 4: Now go under the Edit menu and choose Fade Unsharp Mask.  This brings up the Fade dialog box.  From the Mode pop-up menu choose Luminosity.
Step 5: Now you can press Command-S (PC:Ctrl-S) to save your photo, then Command-W (PC: Ctrl-W) to close your photo.  Since it's been saved and closed, go back to the Actions palette and click on the square Stop Recording button at the bottom left of the palette.
The rest of the steps involve creating a Droplet to put into Lightroom but is irrelevant to my problem.
Like I said, when I run this action it hangs when saving a photo.  A  "JPEG Options" dialog box opens and waits for you to click on "OK"  Again this only happens on photos that have not been previously opened in Photoshop.
Any hints as to what is happening and how I can fix it?



You already have a rendered file at this point, so this metadata is completely useless. Lightroom for some reason includes all develop settings in every exported file.
Here is some more info ents-were-used-in-lightroom/
The last one has the metadata-wrangler plugin do basically what I told you to do by hand inside Photoshop.

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