Pre7 after upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 (Ultimate 64bit)

October 11

I recently upgraded my Vista Ultimate (64bit) computer to Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit).  This was an upgrade, not a clean, fresh install.  Today is the first time I have tried to run PRE7 under Windows 7.  Prior to the upgrade, I had no problems to speak of with PRE7 and the Plus account that I set up with it.  Now whenever I start PRE7 under Windows 7, I get the "Install Full Content" dialog informing me that a reduced set of content has been installed and that I need to install the full set of content from the installation DVD.  Now believe me when I say that the full set of content was installed under Vista and that I never got such a dialog box prior to Windows 7.  In addition, after clicking OK to continue, the membership did not log on automatically as I am used to it doing.  I don't remember exactly now what I had to do, but to the best of my recollection, after I logged on to my account it was telling me that I needed to verify my account, which I did.  I subsequently received an email with a verification link in it.  After clicking on the link my account was verified and now when I start PRE7, it automatically logs me on to my account, as I am used to it doing.  I still get the "Install Full Content" dialog, though.  I thought I would ask in this forum if anyone else has experienced these two anomalous behaviors after ungrading to Windows 7, before I attempt to go thorough the motions of actually reinstalling the full content, which should not actually be necessary.
Thank you,
Charles Lawrence



Why it's happening is a mystery. My guess would be that the upgrade in the OS is part of the problem, but that is just a guess. Some have reported that Win7 does the upgrade thing better than any previous OS, but others report all sorts of odd problems, when doing it this way.
If you have the DVD, then I'd try a Repair Install, to see if it picks up the Functional Content.
Otherwise, I am at a loss as to why, when you upgraded your OS, PrE 7 lost the link to that material.
Good luck,

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