Pb with rollback segment

October 11

Hi guys.
Am using oracle 8i and am having problems with rollbackup segment. My rbs tablespace is 35GB and will like to shrink it! Its a production db, so my question is shoudl I fire the below query?
alter rollback segment SYSTEM shrink;
alter rollback segment RBS__BIG shrink;
alter rollback segment RBS01 shrink;
alter rollback segment RBS02 shrink;
alter rollback segment RBS03 shrink;
alter rollback segment RBS04 shrink;
alter rollback segment RBS05 shrink;
alter rollback segment RBS06 shrink;
Is there any downside? Please advice.



Hi Friend,
Production DBs are always having big transactions, These transactions obviously hold large memory in rollback segments. You will not face any issue after srinking it but if any transaction is failed and it has not been enrolled or flush out from your rollback segment. You will be not able to recover the data from rollback segment. I would suggest use share table space here instead of shrinking it. Atleast it will help to to recover current transaction in case of calamity.
Nitin joshi

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