Oracle 9i - Rollback Segment Needs Recovery

November 30

I have been noticing for a few days that my UNDO tablespace has been growing in size for no apparent reason. My datafiles have only increased by 400 Meg over last 4 days, but UNDO tablespace has grown from 100 Meg - 5.6 Gig....
I decided to create a new UNDO tablespace and drop the old one.....
I created a new tablespace, changed the UNDO configuration to point to new tablespace and bounced the instance. The instance came back up fine, using the new UNDO tablespace....I then went to take the old tablespace offline and drop it....It went offline fine, but when I went to remove it, I received an Oracle error saying tablespaces was using rollback segment _SYSSMU24$.....
I looked in the alert log and I'm getting a message:
SMON: about to recover undo segment 24
SMON: mark undo segment 24 as needs recovery
When I query the dba_rollback_segs table, it shows that all rollback segments prior to _SYSSMU24$ are online, 24 & 25 are listed as NEEDS RECOVERY, and all others below that are offline....
Any help on resolving this issue would be appreciated....



Metalink overrides any thing said, adviced, or written in this forum, if you have already opened a Service Request, as suggested by Daniel Morgan.
Just in case this may be helpful to you or others facing a similar situation, I suggest you to check this case Re: Error while Droping Undo Tablespace.
Make sure you have a full useful database backup as well as the required archive log files.
~ Madrid

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