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October 11

I have been unable to log into my Actiontec MI424WR router this week, The router returns the message "No more than 1 sessions at a time are allowed. Please wait until open sessions expire." every time I try to log in. This has been going on for days.  Even pulling the power to reboot it did no change.  I'm the only user in the household that would log into it, so I don't understand how this could occur.  How can I get in?



I really don't want to do a hard reset as I have a handful of custon port forwarding rules that I had created. I'm not a wiz at that, so it would take me too much time to re-create!  I may have no choice. Next time I can get in I will try the backup of the config file. I hope it contains the port forwarding rules.
The backup function should work fine, I have used it to save my Steam port  forward rules to my hard drive, after a pin hole reset I was able to restore successfully. I did configure mine to 1 session & ALWAYS   logout when I am done.  I have never had any problems logging into the router. But in your case you may need more than 1 session allowed.
Are you using a native or 3rd party app to remember your router ID/password? IF you are do not do this, you are "defeating" the built in security of the router
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