Never programmed with Java

November 30

I have never programmed with Java, and dont know, what i can do, I use PHP, but, i am only a novice at it.
I was wondering, is it possable to get data from a page, and put it into an image? if there is no data from the page, it will ask for the data to be added, and this will update every so often?
Also, Most of you know about google maps, where you can search for something, well, can i do this same thing in java, have a map, not of the earth, but for a game, and make it easy to add different parts, so that we can search for it, and people can find it easy to look for what they are looking for?



I think Google Maps is programmed in JavaScript using AJAX (short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and is what as known as a web application. Google has released an API (still in beta) for working with Google Maps. The webpage for this API is More about the development facilities Google provides can be found at
I've never read the source code to Google Maps before (a lot of which is available by just viewing the source code of the Google Maps webpage, which can be done by clicking, View > Source in Internet Explorer and View > Page Source in Mozilla Firefox), however I don't think it is a terribly complex application (this does not mean, however, that the source code is easy to read). I think the way it works is by requesting individual images as needed from the Google server and piecing them together on the client side (i.e. in the browser). Basically what you would need to do to use their existing code is to replace all requests made to the Google server with requests to a server of your own and have the server return the corresponding images. This might not be particularly easy to do.
In my opinion, a better approach is just to write your own custom application (probably in Java) which simply mimics the behavior of Google maps, except with your own custom images. This way, you don't have to reverse engineer an entire web application before beginning to write one.
Writing your own application for this purpose is not as difficult as it sounds, especially not in Java. Once understanding the basics, you will not be too far off from being able to write your application.
Let's start with the most basic program (this program would be located in a file called
public class Program {
   public static void main(String[] args) {
}This program simply starts, does nothing, and exits. I will explain this piece of code line by line, but first, I would like to gauge how much you already know to figure out how best to explain this. Have you used classes in PHP before?

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