Need Help in Activating iPad

November 30

So here's the thing.
I currently have iOS 8.1. I tried to restore my iPad mini because I screwed up while I was updating it to iOS 8.0.2 (I unplugged the device from pc when I saw the "Charger pointing to iTunes") and when I plugged it again It said that I needed to restore the device and so I did. When the activating part came, It said that it needed an apple id (The "This device is currently linked to c*****" thing). Good thing I remembered that ID because I was using another one. Now, when I entered that ID it said that the ID was missing important details or something so I went to appleid and logged on the ID there. turns out that It wasn't verified so I went to the email address linked to the ID. Unfortunately, the email address was already recycled and I had to make a new one so I did just that. Afterwards, I linked the Apple ID to the new email address and then I verified it.  And then when I entered it in the activation, It said: "*apple id* cannot be used to activate this iPad."
Please. I need help.



Sorry, but that one doesn't sound like something for "users helping other users" -- unless someone smarter comes along here ... :-) ... I would advise going to Apple Support to have it taken care of ... or to your local Apple Store, over to the Genius Bar.
Apple Support
Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar

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