My iTunes on Windows 7 opens just once. If I close it and try to reopen, it won't open again. I have alreadytried solutions from the article "iTunes for Windows Vista or Windows 7: Troubleshooting unexpected quits, freezes, or launch issues". Please help.

October 11

HI! My itunes on windows 7 opens once. If i close it, then it will not open again. I then need to turn computer off and back on and it will open again, once. I have tried troubleshooting with the article 'unexpected quits, freezes or launch problems' but that did not help. I have also tried disabling the Bonjour Service. No change either. Please advise. Thanks.



Refer to following articles to remove SC file(s):
Win 7/Vista
Then proceed to repair your Quicktime:
Control Panel >
Win7/Vista - Programs n Features.
WinXP - Add n Remove Programs
Hightlight QUICKTIME and click CHANGE then REPAIR.

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