Multifunction Printer/Scanner/FAX machines and FAXing from the desktop.

October 11

I've got a Canon MP530 thanks to an Apple Bundle and after a lot of gyrations, it has come down to be that neither I, Canon, nor Apple can make this unit send or recieve FAXs from the desktop!
Apple seems to be "stunned" (better word than "clueless") about this lack of functionality. Canon's response is (literally) "Buy a PC."
I know I can do software that will let me FAX but but that is not an option at this point. I've got four machines who all can plug into the same printer/scanner/unit and there's no reason that this machine shouldn't be able to send a FAX for me.
So, I'm here posting this message wondering if anyone has purchased an "All-in-one" unit (preferably part of an Apple bundle) that supports printing from the computer, scanning to the computer, and FAXing to and from the computer and that they've actually used (themselves) and seen work.



Yes absolutely.  I set it up last Fall and have been using it until last week, at whick time I lost wireless connectivity with router for no reason at all.  I can not remember how to do it now and I am looking for the answer myself.
This link to an online chat on with a tech might help you.
I unfortunately upgraded my browser to IE8 last week and the chat support online does not support that browser.  If you get an answer, I would appreciate it if you would post the answer on this thread so that I can re-learn it myself.  Thanks.  Good Luck.

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