MS-6368 & 64mb PCI NVidia GeForce4 MX420

November 30

Ok.  This worked before and all of a sudden after taking it over to someones house for a LAN, it stopped working and I cannot figure out how to get it working for the life of me.  If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.  I cannot get the onboard graphics card to disable.  
The NVidia is being detected and everything, but when I plug it into it, the moniter is black. OH, and there is lots of crashing and windows safe mode fun fun. :O
Also, what is the fastest processor I can put on this motherboard?



Yes, I had the moniter plugged into the NVidia, but, when I do that, nothing shows up on the moniter, and I have to switch it back over to the onboard.  
Now.  I uninstalled the drivers and everything, then rebooted.  When the new hardware wizard came up, it couldn't find the drivers for it even though I had the disk with them on it in the computer.  I then tried to install the drivers through the device manager, but it crashes and gives me a RunDLL32 error and then my computer goes to hell in a handbasket.  
When I reboot my computer, Windows loads and I get a RunDLL error saying that there is an (Error loading NvQTwk, cannot find specified file).  It still detects the NVidia but I can't install the drivers without it having the RunDLL32 error.

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