Missing QT and ProRes from CC and CC2014 Since On Line Adobe Tech Support

November 30

I am missing QT and ProRes settings from Pr CC and Pr CC2014. I have successfully downloaded the settings for AME and they show up in both versions.  This is  direct result of a previous tech support activity inside my computer for another issue and it appears the QT elements were accidentally left out and need to be put back in.  FCP7 is and has always been installed so QT is in the machine and for 2 years until this week were available in Pr so this is new since the last tech service.  Mac Pro 5.1, OSX 10.9.4



Here's what I posted to tech support:  Here's my hyperlinking issue.
I have an InDesign document with 100+ hyperlinks. When a new hyperlink is created and the document exported to PDF, the new hyperli
nk repeats throughout the new PDF.
Each hyperlink is uniquely created and named.
This is how I create:
New Hyperlink Destination>
Type: URL
Name: Unique Name
URL: http//www.uniquename.com
Then I type and select the text that I want to hyperlink.
New Hyperlink>
Name>Unique Name
Name: select the corresponding hyperlink
click OK.
So, let's say I have 100 hyperlinks, and I need to add a new one, but the new one needs to go in the 51st spot. So, I complete all
the above steps.  When I export from InDesign to Acrobat, the 51st link now repeats from 51 through 100.
The only way for me to correct the error is to delete the hyperlinks (not the destinations) 51 through 100 from the palette and re-create them.
I've attached both the PDF and the ID file for your consideration.
Operating System: Windows XP Professional
Has it ever worked? If so, what's changed? (provide comments in description field): No
Same results with different file?: No
Same results with different computer?: No
Recent System Hardware or Software change?: No

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