Missing polygons and low 3dmarks

November 30

I bought this Geforce fx 5900 card with a new althlon64 system, and the card is new and runs on stock clocks. I have NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER running 3dmark 2003, and score 3414 3dmarks which is very low compared to similar systems I see on these forums, but probably I have to tweak the card, anyway I get missing polygons on NFS underground and Temple of Elemental Evil (only have these games for now). I heard that missing polygons happen on overclocked systems (my gfx card 400-core 700-mem). These artifacts on games but 3dmark fine???? I don't understand. In the games I tried lowering core clock in rivatuner (from stock 400 to underclocked 360mhz) and I get less polygon corruption, so this has to be the problem. Could it also be some setting in the BIOS? also causing crappy 3dmark score



Did you load your DirectX drivers first? Those drivers should be version 9.0b.
Download "Powerstrip" from http://www.entechtaiwan.com and see if you can tweak the video card to get the results you're looking for. Make sure you have the 12v connection at the graphics card!
My 3DMark03 score is 3630 with "Powerstrip" settings at:
Engine clock     532 MHz
memory clock   912 MHz

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