Missing photo and "attempt to perform arithmetic" error

November 30

Hi y'all
This is informational for y'all.
I've been using Lightroom since the beginning of march and have about 4500 photos in my library. Photos are pentax raw files (*.pef). My machine is a windows XP pro Toshiba laptop and XP is fully updated. I've started having a couple of problems which I believe may be related. I've searched the usual places but haven't been able to find any answers.
1) I have one photo that doesn't display in any of the views (library - grid and zoomed, develop and slideshow). It displays as a blank space in all views. It becomes visible in grid view with my develop changes (I made it grayscale) if I scroll to where it is when it is off the page but disappears again as soon as I let go of the scroll bar. If I try to reimport it I get a message that it is already in the database.
2) If I continue to to try and access it I start getting the following error in a pop up box:
?:0 attempt to perform arithmetic on field ? (a nil value)
once that starts occurring I can cancel the popup but then it starts to appear everytime I try and do anything (flag or rate a photo, access a menu etc) and can only be made to go away if I close Lightroom using task manager and then restart it.
The photo is stored on an external disk and the actual pef file appears to be fine. I can open it successfully using rawshooter.
I transfered the files to my external disk when using the beta and did so manually outside of lightroom and then used the locate missing files and folders function to relink it. It has what looks like a valid xmp file and all other photos in the shoot appear fine.
I eventually managed to bring the photo back by deleting the folder from the lightroom library (but not from the disk!) and reimporting it. As xmp files were present all changes and ratings were correct when I reimported.
Hope that helps someone else!
ed x



It sounds like you might have a corrupted preset.
Here's something you could try:
Go to your Preferences/Presets tab and push the Show Lightroom Presets Folder button.
Then close Lightroom and temporarily rename that folder. If the problem goes away, one of your presets is bad. Otherwise name the folder back to what it was and let us know what happened.

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