Microsoft Office Apps fail to work after 10.6.7 update

November 30

Has anyone else's office apps failed to open after installing the OS update?
This is a brand new iMac only 5 days old using office 2011 with current updates.



After doing some Internet research and speaking with a second-level Apple tech, together we came up with the following solution.
Shut down, then start in safe-mode (hold shift key while re-starting). This will clear the font cache and re-build it. After doing this, when I started Word 2004 it took some time, but it showed the following fonts as corrupt: APC Courier, Bastion, Chicago TU, Courier TU, Latinski - and indicated they should be removed. Word then started up even though I just clicked OK to those messages and didn't remove them. I then re-started Word and it came up normally even though those fonts are still in the font book. By the way, I have downloaded the freeware app "Fontnuke-1.17," but haven't used it yet. There is a shareware app, "Fontfinagler," which may also be useful if safe mode doesn't work for you.
iMac 27 i7 with 250 GB SSD and 2 TB HD, 8 Gb RAM, 10.6.7, running Office 2004 for Mac

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