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November 30

ever since i fixed my Zen Touch from the dreaded firmware errors i havent been able to use mediasource. I've reinstalled it a number of times and nothing seems to help. On startup i get a plx.core.plx error and a runDLL error related to media source. anyone know how to fix this?



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It looks like your Creative software is not installed properly. From past experiences, it is likely due to registry settings that are messed up.
I suggest you re-install your Creative software by the following, which has worked for many users:
. Delete the files and folders from "rogram Files>\Creative".
2. Delete the following registry node from the registry
(a) HKLM\Software\Creative Tech\Software Installed
(b) HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uni nstall\5CDDF96A-BC34-4D72-9ABA-EFFF0C39977
3. Re-install the software.

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