MD74 Problem

November 30

Hi Experts,
Today when I useĀ  MD79 to download all the demand, then I found in Week32 and Week33 there is still remainder demand, but actually we have set variant in MD74 which will be run every 3rd week of the month to delete the PIR in past days.Now it is not happening.Please tell me what could be the possible causes and how to solve this issue.
Awaiting for your valuable replies



HI Krishan,
I am really strange that now customer is telling acutally it should be run every Sunday, not every month 3rd week. There is batch job which will run to delete old PIRs automatically.
On every 3rd week we will receive the new forecast and then we will delete all the old demand in system and upload new one,now in this case it has not deleted for the week 32 and week 33.
Also i request you to guide me in SM37 what are all the inputs i should enter and execute.
Pls help me to fix this issue.

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