Managing and editing image and video files on the go

November 30

I am looking for the best solution to store, manage and edit pictures and videos taken with external devices (DSLR camera and GoPro primarily) using my iPad as an interface and not requiring a computer.  I was initially thinking that some sort of portable hard drive was the ticket, however, the Apple Lightning to SD reader might be an option as well.  In any case, I don't want to use my iPad for storage, but only to access files from the storage medium.  Here are the requirements I am looking for:
Ability to view and manage (including delete) the files from the storage device using my iPad
No requirement to load or sync the files onto the iPad to be able to view and delete the files
Easily be able to select and transfer specific files to my iPad to work with and publish
Ability to export edited files from my iPad back to the storage medium once I am done working with it (I could work around this one if necessary)
Whatever I end up with should be small enough to easily pack and transport when I am travelling
What would the best device be for me?
I have looked at the new Hyperdrive iUSBport HD as one possibliity, but I am not very familiar with their devices.  I guess my other option is to buy several SD cards and use the Apple Lightning to SD reader, but I'm not certain it will accomplish everything I am after.  Especially in the later case I would really need to be able to view and delete files (video in particular) that I do not want.  Any advice on the above devices or other devices that I should look at?



Have a look at this.

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