Mac OSX will not boot, when I log in, it shuts down after grey screen and grey loading bar show up: PLEASE HELP (:

October 11

So here is a lowdown on my problem.
I start my mac OSX, I hold down the alt/option key and load my MAC osx drive (which is the only drive available; however, when i do not hold down the alt/option key it will go to a black screen that says "no bootable device, press a key when device inserted").  Continuing, it then goes to my login screen where I have my username, and I can enter my password like usual.  I enter my password, hit the enter button (like I always do), and this is where my problem begins.
After I enter my login and hit enter, the screen goes grey, with a little apple symbol in the middle and a different shade of grey loading bar underneath.  This grey loading bar shows up for about 10 seconds, fills up about 10-20 percent, and then shuts my computer down. 
No matter what I do, this process repeats over and over, and heres where the problem gets worse, and this part is VERY IMPORTANT and is the most depressing, stressful part of the process.
NONE of the startup/boot commands work except holding the alt/option key.  I can't hold: Command plus r; command pr  to reset PRAM; shift to enter safe mode.
I really dont know what to do here :/.  I have files that I want on the hard drive, that are pretty important but not critical.  I gave up on wanting the files back but now I want to simply WIPE my computer and re-install a clean version of OSX onto the computer, but I CANNOT GET TO THE REINSTALLER :(.
More information that may be helpful:
          I do have a partition on the HDD that I was going to use for Bootcamp, but it does not have anything installed on it (thus causing the "no bootable device" screen to load, and probably causing the boot commands not to work).
          My version of Mac OSX is 10.8.4. "MBP 15.4/2.8/16GB/768 flash"
          The last time I restarted my computer, my mac OSX RAM was down to 1.75 GB, with nothing open.  Usually when nothing is open the free RAM is around 10-13 GB (I know this because I have the activity monitor always open, and I use my computer a lot).
          Again, boot commands will not work, except for holding the alt/option key.
So if anyone can help me fix my problem(s), which are:
1: using boot commands; 2: reinstalling mac OSX; or 3: getting my files,
I would love you forever.  I would really prefer 1 or 2.  Thanks for reading this.



Oh and one more thing, I do not have a disc drive in the mac osx.  The version I have comes without one.
I am very puzzled about what to do right now.

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