Mac osx books ??????

November 30

ok im completly new to mac i just bought a macbook and for the easy stuff i think i got like i hooked the internet and other stuff but im looking to get some books as refrences in case i find something i need help with so i found multiple books at barnes and noble that i want but i need to know wich is the better buys if anyone has an idea and usefull info qbout these books that would be great!! Also i have the mac osx10.4tiger with the new lepord coming should i upgrade? And how much is it?
1.macbook for dummies 100 simplified tips and tricks mac osx tiger
3.switching to the mac(the missing manual)
4.mac osx tiger edition (the missing manual)
5.the little mac book (tiger edition)
6.easy mac osx v10.04tiger
7.mac osx tiger edition all in one desk refrence for dummies
8.mac osx tiger (author-maria langer)
9.mac osx tiger for dummies
I need to know wich ones I should buy wich are the best!! And again I need to know if I should upgrade to leopard and how much? Also are there any books on it yet?



I can't help with the books, except to note that there's no best one. However, rather than books, you might want to start with these free tutorials:
Switching from Windows to Mac OS X,
Basic Tutorials on using a Mac, and
MacTips Learning Centre.
Additionally, *Texas Mac Man* recommends:
Quick Assist.
Welcome to the Switch To A Mac Guides, and
A guide for switching to a Mac.

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