Mac osx 10.4.9 problemmm involving iTouch PLEASE HELP

November 30

i have an iTouch, and I couldnt update it on my laptop because my itunes wasnt updated. i have a laptop from my school so i had to go to them to get it updated. well now my itunes is updated, but that seems to not be the problem.
I cannot get my iTouch updated because my mac osx 10.4.9 is not recent enough i guess i need 10.4.10. I dont know what to do because I wont be back at school for a while, is it possible to break the codes and get my mac stuff updated? or anythinggg.
please help me. =[[[[[[



Hello and Welcome to Apple Discussions. 
Go and speak to the school IT staff. There have been a couple of important security updates (i.e/ CUPS) recently so you need to get updated.

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