LSMW Issue_Eliminate lines in Convert data step

November 30

Dear Gurus,
I have a problem with LSWM.
Imagine that we create price conditions -VK11- and have 1000 lines in text file.
And some customers does not created in SAP yet.
So  LSMW gives error during its run.
I want to know whether  there is  a way to eliminate these lines in LSMW (Convert Data) step.
So if ı eliminate lines which customer  codes have not created in SAP, I can directly upload it..



In specify files you have a node for converted file name. as Converted Files..
There will be some name mentioned there...
Change it and it will prompt you and ask if u want to create such a file... say yes..
After this your problem should be resolved.
Revert if u need more.

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