LR4 slide shows

November 30

How do I burn a LR4 created slide show to a dvd to be shown on a 108i tv?
Would I be better of buying a media player to get blue ray resolution?



I often watch Art Wolf's "Travels To The Edge" shows on television and the
quality of the photos shown on television are fantastic.  I am not talking
about the compositions, which are also amazing, but just the quality of the
appearance on the tv screen.  I would like to be able to replicate that
I use a program called ProShow Gold by Photodex. My shows are often about 30
minutes long and use about 400 photos and several pieces of music.  ProShow
provides more sophisticated options for motion effects, transitions than
LR4.  I have created a few of these shows in the Blue Ray format and saved
them to an external hard drive, as allowed in ProShow.  But I have no way of
attaching this external hard drive to the TV. Do you and anyone else have
experience with devices called "media players"?  This may be the most
financially efficient way to do what I want but so far I have not been able
to find anyone with the expertise to give solid advice.
Is there a way to export the edited photos from LR4 directly to ProShow Gold
for max quality?
  Any suggestions?
Thank you.

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