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October 11

i want to access KONV which is cluster table and the field is KWERT.
The thing is that i want to access it by taking customers from KNVV and giving it to VBRK (SALES Table). Now in VBRK i want to have a selection on FKDAT to get a list of Customers stored in the field called KUNAG.
on VBRK-KUNAG basis i want to access the table KONV-KWERT.
If i am doing queries then the System stops responding cuz it has got alot of overhead. So i tried to use Logical Database called VFV.
If this is the best solution means using LDB then how to use it, can anyone help me with this. I tried it by Function module but it is showing all data without considering selection criteria.
If anyone can help me then plz do answer or refer me to any web site so that i can figure this thing out. If anyione has got a good book on that then plz feel free to mail me.
Muhammad Usman Malik
ABAP Consultant
[email protected]



Thanks Shibba that was very helpful, i applied that but the system overhead was so much.
can u help me with Dynamic selection code.
I used FREE_SELECTION_INIT, FREE_SELECTION_DIALOG and then FREE_SELECTIONS_RANGE_2_WHERE to get ther Selections in one table.
if u want me to send u the code then i can do that cuz i am getting so much mad that this work is not done yet.
The Scenario here is that we want to take BILLED Customers and VKORG as Industrial Billing Customer and then taking VBRK and giving all these Customers and then taking selection on FKDAT range.
Now after that the data should be collected from KONV-KWERT and i want to perform some calculation over it. I am using VFV (Logical Database) to perform this thing because i know that it would be very fast then applying my own queries.
If you can mail me any book on Logical Database and Dynamic selection then it will be very Helpful.
Thanks once again for being such helpful.
Muhammad Usman Malik
SAP Consultant
[email protected]

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