Loading Error from CRM datasource  - Info Idoc recieved with status 8

November 30

Hello All,
We have a CRM datasource 0CRM_SALES_ACT_1 which works well from source in RSA3. The dataload is a full and fetches 19,000 records from CRM
However when we load it from an infopackage from BW it gives us the following  "No data in source sysetm" Info Idoc with status 8. We have tried the following to eleminate some doubts
1) Checked the connection in SM59 using aleremote .Connection and authorization successful. Also loaded data in the BW system  for other datasources from same CRM system it works well, so no authorization/ connections issues.
2) In the source system CRM  tried transaction RSA3--> extract data get 19000 records
3) In the source system CRM Triied transaction RSA3--> Import Request from BW --> successful.
4) Checked the TRFC queue in SM58 the TRFC queue is empty
5) When we check the logs in CRM for ALEREMOTE we get the following message
synchronous transmission of info IDoc 2 in task 0001 (0 parallel tas
         Current Values for Selected Profile Parameters
abap/heap_area_nondia......... 0
abap/heap_area_total.......... 9437184000
abap/heaplimit................ 40000000
zcsa/installed_languages...... ED
zcsa/system_language.......... E
ztta/max_memreq_MB............ 256
ztta/roll_area................ 3000000
ztta/roll_extension........... 2000000000
Call customer enhancement EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001 (CMOD) with 0 records
Result of customer enhancement: 0 records
IDOC: Info IDoc 2, IDoc No. 266228, Duration 00:00:00
IDoc: Start = 2008.10.22 14:18:38, End = 2008.10.22 14:18:38
Synchronized transmission of info IDoc 3 (0 parallel tasks)
IDOC: Info IDoc 3, IDoc No. 266229, Duration 00:00:00
IDoc: Start = 2008.10.22 14:18:39, End = 2008.10.22 14:18:39
Job finished
*What is the issue ? Data is present and confirmed available in source system , yet we get 0 records in BW system ? WE NEED YOUR HELP *



May be you need to provide full authorizations to the user 'ALEREMOTE'.Ask your basis team to check the authorizations.

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