Launching applications from java code

November 30

I have found a solution to launch applications from java.I thought this will be useful for programmers who want to open a
1. Browser
2. Player
3. Files etc.
There are 2 solutions :
I)To use a known application :
eg: to open windows media player
String[] cmd = new String[3];
cmd[0] = "cmd.exe";
cmd[1] = "/C";
cmd[2] = "START MPLAYER2.exe "+mediaURL+" /PLAY /CLOSE /FULLSCREEN";
//eg: mediaURL = "\"D:/project/songs/track1.mp3\""
// /PLAY /CLOSE /FULLSCREEN this option can be used only for windows media player
// for any other application use cmd[2] as START apl.exe //apl can be any windows application
Process p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(cmd);
II) To use a default application:
Runtime.getRuntime().exec("rundll32 url.dll,FileProtocolHandler " + url);
// url can be any url
ref: [|]
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And make up your mind what file type you're having a problem with. Maybe .asx doesn't have a file association on your computer.
This works just fine for .m3u:import java.awt.Desktop;
public class Playlist {
   public static void main(String[] args) {
      try {
               open(new File("E:/Music/Playlists/test.m3u"));
      } catch (IOException ex) {
edit Did you try searching the net for the error you got? ("Invalid menu handle")
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