JDAPI problem with java 1.6 SR9 in AIX

November 30

i install Oracle Forms 11g R2 in AIX. My AIX server use IBM java 1.6 SR9.
When i run JDAPI, i face this problem: *oracle.forms.jdapi.JdapiStatusException: jniinitialize: Failed to create new forms context*.
but when i use java 1.6 SR8 or SR7 . it's OK.
Anyone face the problem when run jdapi with java 1.6 SR9 ?
Thank in advance.



After having a closer look at metalink it seems to be obvious, that Forms 6i (8.0.6.) only supports user exits generated with the 8.0.6. precompiler.
If this is the case new questions follow:
Is there a way to get a 8.0.6. precompiler?
Is it possible to connect to a 8.1.5. database with such a user exit? Does anybody have corresponding experiences?
Our customer uses a 8.1.7. database. What about connecting to that database with the user exit?

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