Issue with jython : : Platform detection for Windows Server 2008

October 11

While trying to execute a Windows batch file via ODI using Jython, the jython code fails with a 'Failure to execute command' error, and the command itself is appended with 'sh -c "<batchfilename>". The file does not have 'Windows Server 2008' in the list of osTypeMap values, and therefore defaults to posix, which further adds the string 'sh -c' to the command and tries to execute the batch file under a unix style 'shell'. Adding the string 'Windows Server 2008' to the osTypeMap resolves the problem. However we are looking for possible alternate solutions.
The question right now is:
. Is there an updated version available which supports Windows 2008.
. Does the latest ODI installer include jython support for Windows 2008
Reference links:
WLST - Jython - detect platform
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I believe you mean the Active Directory Logs not the DNS logs, because these are necessary to startup a domain controller, because the AD database depends on these logs.
So if you have AD logs on a different partition and that is encrypted with Bitlocker you could probably automatically unlock it.
So you did not encrypt OS partition because the server does not have a TPM fully compliant chip ?
manage-bde /?
manage-bde -autounlock -enable Driveletter:
But you have to be able to boot server normal mode I am not sure if the command can be used in DSRM mode.
Below are some links that might help:
Hope this helps.

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