IPhoto 6 Missing Pictures and Bigger Library

November 30

Please help me if you can, I'm feeling down ...
While I was using iPhoto 5 I discovered there were many missing pictures. Thumbnails were there, but the full-sized images had disappeared. I tracked down most of the originals, and imported them into iPhoto 5 again. Everything seemed fine.
Now, when I upgraded to iPhoto 6, I rebuild my library to ensure everything would be where it belongs. I checked all the optional boxes, to be sure I would not lose those images again. Horrors! Out of 4,500 pictures in my library, approximately 450 full-size images are missing, even thought the thumbnails are still there. Is there an easy way to straighten out this mess, or do I have to track down each image on variouos back-up CDs and re-import them? Please tell me there is an easier way! I don't have that many "extra" hours.
On a related note, with iPhoto's new filing system, I have an excess of folders in my iPhoto library. There's the old folders by year-month-code, and new folders called Original & Modified. My images appear to be in both folders. Is it safe or wise to remove the old folders? Would that save any disk space?
Burned twice, hoping to avoid a third time ...



Dear Old Toad-
Thank you for your suggestion. I tried it, but it appears my problem were not related to permissions.
The further I investigated, the more problems I found with my iPhoto library. The most significant was missing images with intact thumbnails. Others included duplicate images in different folders, and duplicate libraries.
Finally, in desperation, I decided to go back to square one.
First, I searched for all images that were less than 1kb, and created a 10-page list of missing pictures. (That is, the metadata was there, but the images were gone.) Then I chose the library with the most intact images, and exported all to a desktop folder. Then I created a new iPhoto library, and imported 6,500+ images as one roll. Now I'm figuring out how to organize them so I can find the "special moments." Once this is done, I'll search my old back-up CDs for my missing images, and import them to my library.
I imagine there is a better way, but I could not figure it out. If you, or anyone else, does know a better way, please let me and other readers know. This problem may be more common than we think.

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