Image quality difference between timeline- and clip monitors

November 30

I've just captured dv into fcp4.5 and got surprised that I got the unrendered red line indication in the timeline when dragging it down from the clip monitor.
However, I rendered it but in timeline viewer the quality was bad like it was a field error. Contures were uneven etc.
The video in clip monitor has perfect quality.
I wish to find out a solution with this to learn something from it, rather than just re-install FCP wich normally puts things right.
Big thanks for advice /Erik
G4 1.2   Mac OS X (10.4.3)   1.8GB RAM



Thanx Jim, the compression was for some reason changed to none, now I changed it back to DV-PAL.
I suppose this compression doesn't affect the final export?
If I'd export with the DV-PAL compression (Ialways export with none) would that degenerate the video again or just read in the same trax so to speak?
Regards, Erik

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