IDOC Posting To XI Failed With Status Text "::000" in SM58

November 30

Hello Gurus
Can u please suggest me how to overcome the problem with Custom Idocs while trying to send from SAP R/3 to SAP PI(XI).
The status text is displaying as "::000" with no other details, in SM58 of the sender system i.e. SAP R/3.
The Idocs status in the sender system is showing as 03 with the message "Idoc sent to sap system" in transaction BD87.
So I am getting confused where I missed the configuration.
Please suggest how I can troubleshoot the above.
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Thanks in advance .
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Thanks  a lot for your support.
I have tried all the suggested solutions......but my problem was not solved.
The Metadata should be automatically created when the IDOCS successfully received by the XI server.
If it is not created then we should clear the SLD Cache in XI and try to create a new Metadata by giving the Custom IDOC Name and Port.
Even I tried with a Standard Idoc ORDERS05 , but I failed to do so.
After doing the above step I am getting the Information pop-up message "I::000".
Regarding RFC, I have created 2 users in both the systems with the same name(ALEREMOTE) of type "System".But,I am unable to   Remote Login from XI to R/3 whereas the vice -versa is successful.
Are there any chances for this being the reason for failure of Idoc processing?
Such information message"I::000" is completely inexplainable.
Kindly, suggest a solution for it. 

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