Idoc failed with status 51 for Warning/Information messages

November 30

Hi All,
We are trying to create some Sales Orders with the help of Idocs. We are facing some problem as mentioned below.
1.There are some warning messages/information messages written in standard Sales Order User Exit USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT_PREPARE
2.As soon as the Idoc processing reaches any of these messages, it considers them as ERROR message and Idoc fails with the status as 51 which is not expected.
3.Also, I see that the Sales Order is saved with the data that has been passed in the Idoc.
Is this the standard behavior ?? (Or) Is there any EDI related configuration setting which can be used to suppress these kind of messages in Idoc Processing ??
Any help on this would be highly appreciated.
Babu Kilari



if your IDOC has status 51 then it is not posted, hence your sales order cannot be created from this IDOC. of course this error behaviour can be originated by the user exit.
please read OSS note Note 747631 - Some tips when testing idoc_input_orders

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