ICloud control panel is freezing under Windows Vista and Windows 7

November 30

I am running iCloud under my 2 windows PC's wich meet the iCloud system requirements. My iMac does not as it is a late 2006 21" model so I have to use the web site for it.
When I launch iCloud on both machines it seems to freeze the control panel but not the entire system.
this happens both at machine startup and if I launch it manually through the control panel itself too.
the control panel version is 1.0.1
I have a first gen 64GB iPad running iOS 5.0.1
Both PC's run iTunes 10.5.5 and Microsoft Outlook 2010
PC 1
Windows Vista home Premium SP 2 32-bit
IE 7.0.6002.18005 256 bit encryption
PC 2
Windows 7 Professional SP 1 64-bit
IE 9.0.8223.16421 256 bit encryption



Check the top right corner:

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