I want to sell my Macbook 6,1. How do I restore it to factory settings if it didn't come with a installation CD?

November 30

As the title says, I am looking to sell my macbook, and I am trying to restore it to factory settings but everywhere I read it says that to get it to factory settings I need the instllation CD, but my macbook did not come with that (was it supposed to?).
By the way, The machine is currently running mountain lion.



Well if you want to get it to Snow Leopard, you are going to have to purchase a DVD from Apple to get it installed.  The CD is $19.99 which would cost the same as getting Lion or Mountain Lion from the App store and doing an install through the Internet.  Yes, if you go to install it, it's going to ask you for your Apple ID to verify that you purchased the OS to be able to use it.  However, if you use yours, you'll be able to get OS X installed and not have anything else to do with your Apple ID.  This way the person buying it could still enter their own information and purchase their own Apps and things with their ID.  However, I'm not sure if when updates are needed to the OS or whatever else could come along the way that it isn't going to ask them for your ID.  You should try to talk them into talking to Apple and ordering it on their Apple ID, they will then get a code to enter to make it available on their ID so you can get it installed for them under their ID.  This would cost the same as it would if you were to order the CD's so that you could install an out of date version and still have to pay to update it another $19.99.

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