I can't get my gmail to show up with the rest of my mail

November 30

Not sure why this is happening since my wife's identical phone has no problem doing it.  But when I try to add my gmail account to the mail widget I get a 503 80345 error.   The problem is that I can go to the browser on the phone or a computer and type in the identical information and log onto my gmail account.
The workaround I have now is two mail icons the gmail one and then the mail for all my others.
Can anyone help!
thanks in advance,



Good afternoon KajunH.
I understand how inconvenient it can be to have separate e-mail folders, especially when you'd like to check all accounts at the same time.  How many Gmail accounts do you have?  How many Gmail accounts does your wife have?  The primary Gmail account goes into the separate Gmail folder, as that is the account that syncs with your Android device.  If you have other Gmail accounts, you are able to add them into the regular E-Mail folder.  The error you get, 503 80345, is because that account is already the default account on your phone.  You're not able to add it to that separate E-Mail folder as well.
If you still need assistance or have more questions, please feel free to send me a Direct Message and I'll be happy to follow up with you.
Thank you,
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