HT4528 My Iphone4 is no longer opening in iTunes.  I have Windows 7.  I uninstalled and re-installed iTunes and also added updates to my iPhone.  What should I do?

October 11

My iPhone used to work in iTunes but quit working.  I checked my USB portal and it works with other devices.  I also uninstalled and re-installed iTunes.  I added updates to my phone and re-booted it.   I am not sure what else to do.  My iPhone also locked in vertical position and no longer goes to horizontal. 



diesel vdub wrote:
Maybe it would have been a better idea to confirm that iTunes is supported in Windows 8 before buying a computer with that Operating System.
There will be a new version of iTunes released this month... no one forced you to upgrade prior to a supported version of iTunes being released.
Like the fact that you just called most of us stupid there

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