HT4060 ipad does not seem to be charge.  has been plugged in for about 5 hours and low battery photo remains...cannot turn on or off... only low battery photo and apple symbol or blank page appear

November 30

ipad does not seem to be charging.  Has been plugged in for about 5 hours and low battery icon remains same...alternates with apple symbol or blank page.  cannot turn ipad on or off



The iPod Touch kept trying to reboot yesterday but would only show the Apple logo screen then shut off - it finally drained the battery overnight I am guessing. Connected to USB the battery charging icon flashes.
Took it back to Best Buy, but they wouldn't touch it or replace it since it's under warranty.
To any potential buyers - beware. My best advice is to look somewhere besides Apple. Every Mac user I know has had to return a Mac, laptop, etc. Really poor quality control, and the retailers agree (Geek Squad told me they have had the same experience with Apple products).

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