HT201401 Automatic brightness not working

November 30

When I go the the bright places the iphone screen becomes bright and when i go back to the dark place the iphone screen doesnt dimm..that is it is not working in only detects the brightness of the surrounding of it doesnt sence the darkness ..
hence my iphone is all time in full brightness once it senses the brightness of the surrounding.
what can be the solution ?



I think I have discovered the problem. The system remembers where you have manually set the brightness, and tries to stay around that level even when moving from bright to dark rooms.
I manually set the brightness to 5/8, waited a minute, then went outside in the sun. As expected, it adjusted to max. However, when I came back inside and sat down, it only went down to 5/8 again. I guess earlier when it was going down to 3/8, it was just trying to get back to my manual setting (I had set it to 3/8 this morning while in my dark bedroom). Even if I completely cover the sensor, the brightness now only goes down to about 4/8.
On the MacBook, it used the full range of brightness and completely ignored any previous manual settings. I could use the automatic feature to completely control the brightness at all times. Now, with the Air, the automatic feature instead tries to maintain the user-selected brightness level as much as possible.
I'm not sure which style I prefer. I did like not having to ever touch the brightness buttons, although I admit it was occasionally too dim in certain situations. I would prefer that the Air dim much more when in completely dark rooms, and maybe the sensitivity of the sensor should be increased a bit.
Now the only issue is how the keyboard backlight seems to stay on in all conditions except in the sun! It is on now even though it is obviously bright enough in the room to read a paperback book, let alone a keyboard.

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