HT1414 my apps are gone from the itunes store, whats up with that?

November 30

will I have to purchase the ones I still want on my phone.  At least one of them was currupt since my battery was draining 10X the normal rate.  when I went to get my apps and choose the ones to put back on my phone they were not in my apple account.  My ringtones are gone also.
does anyone know what apps drain the battery fast.  I really dont play any games.



There is two ways you can do this with iOS 5,
1. tap on App store icon, then purchased on the bottom menu, and download direct from iCloud.
2. connect your iPad to computer and open iTunes if not already open. Select your iPad in the left
column then choose the Apps tab and check each App you want on the iPad. If your iPad is connected to a power source and you use iTunes WiFi sync on the same WiFi, you can download Apps from iTunes without connecting your Ipad to the computer.

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